A piece of jewellery is an expression of personal taste and a reflection of self-image.

                                                                 It is a vessel for our feelings and this alone would make it precious.



Images of the traditional garb of bygone East Asian peoples served as an inexhaustible source of inspiration for my Fashion thesis entitled “Innovation and Tradition”. Since then I have been pursuing a mission to combine today’s high-tech manufacturing methods with the best hand-crafted, folk elements of centuries-old textiles and objects to create a modern look based on clarity of line and functional simplicity.


HUAN is derived from my name, Anja Husting, but it also has another significance for me: the Asian-sounding word underscores my strong affinity for the art of the Far East. My favourite designs – in both the fashion world and other areas of design - are Japanese.


Following my studies I spent a few years abroad (NYC, London), a period that was to determine the course of my career. I realised that my vocation lay even more in jewellery making than in fashion.


My first pieces, created for a fashion show as part of my final course assessment, were made of glass beads. I am fascinated by beaded fabrics - an ancient adornment common to many cultures – and most of my work is dominated by glass and/or woven or threaded materials, which means that I remain wedded to needle and thread. All my creations are hand-made by me.